Irene Sazer

California born creative musical and visual artist

 Listen to Sazer's score for a short film by Fe Bailey

  A Sunday Morning

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The Mycos Project

 The Mycos Project is a collective of

multi-media artists, educators and scientists founded by  Irene Sazer and Kate Stenberg . Mycos, short for Mycorrhiza, is the magical symbiotic association between plant roots and fungi. We adopted this name as a metaphor for how all life is dependent on all other life.

Click here to experience our first film

Our mission is to expand awareness about climate change through the arts, ecological sciences and indigenous wisdom. Through the medium of fine arts, we are inspired to present information and encourage solutions.

Here is the first multimedia film and music work, including artist and educator Kanyon Sayers-Roods whose focus is bridging the gap between Indigenous and contemporary value system  and Ravinder Sehgal, a SFSU biologist who’s research focuses on the ecology of diseases in birds. 

Original member of Turtle Island String Quartet  Founder of Real Vocal String Quartet

International Performing and Recording Artist

Teacher and Clinician

Composer and Arranger

Visual and Multi-Media Artist